Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Alpha Treats

I have a shopping problem that I have been working on controlling over the last couple of months. It is getting better! The Dollar Tree is a danger zone for me as it is one of my favorite places to go. You will never know what you can find! I found these adorable stuffed dogs! I had to get them because I knew I could find some way to use them! So I bought a few thinking I could use them in my classroom somehow. I did!! I made an alphabet game with them.

I also found the dog bowl at the dollar store.

I found a box and decorated it with scrapbook stickers and filled it with magnetic letters.

Then I hot glued a magnet to the dogs mouth so they can "eat" the treats.

 Once the dog "eats" the treat, the children have to identify the letter.


Here is what the completed game looks like.

I will use this as a small group or center in my preschool classroom. They are going to love playing with the dogs and I hope to sneak some learning in there too!! :)

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